FrontlineSMS Help

In the FrontlineSMS application, Help is available through the main Help menu along the top of the FrontlineSMS screen. Specific help is also available on each individual FrontlineSMS module by clicking on the icon on the relevant screen

Getting started

Introduction to FrontlineSMS

Watch a short introductory video on the FrontlineSMS website [requires the Internet]

Download the FrontlineSMS/Ashoka Changemakers "Quick Start" SMS Guide (PDF, 1Mb) [requires the Internet]

The menus

The "File" menu explained

The "Settings" menu explained

The "View" menu explained

The tabs

How to use Home

How to use Contacts

How to use Keywords

How to use Messages

How to use E-mails

How to use Phones

How to use HTTP Trigger

How to use Forms

How to use Translation Manager

Getting help


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