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This is an web-based version of the User Guide which comes when you download your copy of FrontlineSMS. It has been published online to allow non-FrontlineSMS users to see how it works, and to get a sense of the kind of functionality available. Non-profit organisations wishing to use FrontlineSMS in their work should complete the Request Download form on the FrontlineSMS website

In the FrontlineSMS application, Help is available through the main Help menu along the top of the FrontlineSMS screen. Specific help is also available on each individual FrontlineSMS module by clicking on the icon on the relevant screen

Getting started

Introduction to FrontlineSMS

What's different: Using "Classic" and "New" views

The menus

The "File" menu explained

The "Settings" menu explained

The "View" menu explained

The "Debug" menu explained

Classic View functionality

How to use ContactManager

How to use SurveyManager

How to use SurveyAnalyst

How to use SendConsole

How to use MessageTracker

How to use ReceiveConsole

How to use ReplyManager

How to use PhoneManager

New View functionality

How to use Home

How to use Contacts

How to use Keywords

How to use Messages

How to use E-mails

How to use Forms

How to use Phones

Getting help


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